The title is love which I think the whole world need this word right now.

Yesterday, there was an explosion in Manchester Arena where the concert of Ariana took place.

There were 19 dead and more than 50 injuries due to the explosion.

It is really scary and heart breaking to see such thing happen, especially in an event of joy.

But this tragedy really did happen, it happened boldly.

Honestly, I can't accept the fact that the world I am living right now is taking human life easily.

How can you and how dare you to take a human's life so easily.

How dare you snatch a person's opportunity to live in this beautiful world.

Yes, I am blaming the person who exploded the arena, but I'm not hating him.

I choose to forgive him, even though my heart is bleeding due to the lost cause by him.

I choose not to hate him as I know there's way too much of tragedy happening in the world.

I don't want to create more chaos, I wanted us to live in a peaceful life which our life should be. 

It's never easy to live a peaceful life since the past.

Everyone has been fighting for the peaceful life over years as well as even decade, but right now we are still on our way to fight for it.

The journey is not easy as everyone is different from each other and all of us have different opinion.

But I do believe there's a way for us to live peacefully that is to respect and each other.

I do believe ultimately, we can all live in this world in harmony and peacefully.

I will pray and will definitely fight for this day to arrive.

Love, V


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